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CubeBase Trading Engine is a web-based application that can help you to trade multiple crypto pairs on the Binance exchange, using spot or futures markets, even if you don't have the knowledge to do so.
The original code was designed and developed by Akea Blockchain Technologies, a software development company from Romania.
CubeBase trading engine provides programmatic trades allowing users to make money while they are doing day-to-day activities and without knowing difficult aspects of crypto trading.
Using the CubeBase Trading Engine is as safe as using any major exchange in the crypto space. With 2FA capabilities and manually approved withdrawals after telegram chat confirmation with our team, the user's funds will never be in danger.
NO. CubeBase trading engine isn't KYC required.
This web-app is based on a simple principle as "Signal User Copy". The A.I. behind the web-app will launch the trades and every subscribed user will follow that trade.
CubeBase Trading Engine was designed to give usage and value to $cubeb token. In order to have access to this web-app you must first pass the wallet verification procedure. After confirming $cubeb holdings you will be allowed to sign-up.

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